Here’s some examples of our work and the feedback we’ve received

Our climate change training was rolled-out to the entire staff and elected representatives of Somerset West and Taunton Council, more than 600 people. The virtual 90-minute interactive workshop covered the causes and future threat of climate change as well as what we can do about it.

We wrote about what we learnt delivering this training for the publication Public Sector Executive. Click here to read it.

Feedback received

Excellent presenter – I hardly ever say that! – but she, Rachel, was really, really good, so clear, friendly, authoritative, engaging and I was overjoyed the training covered food and agriculture, this was money well spent on our part as I think it was just what was needed to inform and galvanise staff and councillors in a positive way.

– Councillor Caroline Ellis

I just wanted to say how great that climate change training was, Rachel was very engaging. I like how it was localised to SWT, a balanced level of detail – enough to get the message across, good pace and interactive. The content was also delivered very neutrally so great for people who are a bit sceptical! I’ve heard really positive feedback from others too.”

– Julie-Ann Wyatt, Head of people and culture

It was great. Three Point Five incorporated small touches that made it relevant to our council, got them to use our town names, talk about our projects etc. which went down really well and localised the whole thing. They were very receptive to changes.  We had some concerns as to how it might work though zoom, but it was very engaging with, polls, interaction, and small breakout tasks,  we need not have worried.  We have received really positive feedback from members (even the ones that are less supportive / aware), and employees. 

– Chris Hall, assistant director of climate change

Sedgemoor District Council have set the ambitious target of achieving net zero production and consumption emissions by 2030. As part of their strategy for achieving this, they wanted to provide climate change training to their elected members and their entire workforce. We were the chosen provider of this training, which was delivered to hundreds of participants over 14 sessions.

Feedback received

You fit so much into the 90 minutes, it was concise, had all the essential information, was delivered in an engaging way so participants should be more likely to retain what they learnt. Rick and Rachel are clearly experts in this field, and it comes across in the training really well.

– Anna Meares, climate emergency project officer

I just wanted to thank you and Rachel for a brilliant training session yesterday afternoon.  Rachel was so engaging and easy to listen to, very well executed. It opened up my eyes to the issues which you think as a single person you really make a difference but in fact you can.

– Esther Carter, housing development officer

Three Point Five run regular webinars on nudge theory for the Supply Chain Sustainabilty School, a training platform for the construction sector. Each webinar is attended by up to 150 construction-sector professionals from across the UK and provides an introduction to using behavioural science to drive improvements environmental performance.

Feedback received

Three Point Five training sessions on nudge theory continue to prove popular with Supply Chain Sustainability School audiences, with our most recent session rated as Good or Excellent by 100% of attendees. Rick has been declared “very clear” and “very knowledgeable” by attendees, and his sessions have been called “engaging” and “well-paced”. The School enjoys working with Three Point Five and would recommend Rick as a trainer.”

– Robyn Conway, knowledge manager, Supply Chain Sustainability School

Particpant feedback:

Thought the presenter was great and explained in detail and the presentation was interesting.

Very informative and the presenter was very knowledgeable on the subject, its application and limitations.

Rick was great and explained his examples really clearly.

Rick is a very good presenter and the slides were very good.

Very relevant, really well explained with a good theory/example balance.

Engaging presenter, well presented, clear and informative and left enough time to answer questions.

Excellent presenter and material.

Very informative. Puts things in a context.

Content great, well researched, interesting both for those who have read Kahneman and those new to the subject.

I thought Rick’s presentation and manner kept us all on board and the session was timed very well.