Our courses

We provide tailored training in climate change science and policy, as well as the human-skills needed to deliver change. Here are examples of the content we cover…

Climate change – what everyone needs to know

Who will benefit from this course?

This workshop is aimed at public and private sector organisations who have set ambitious net zero targets and need all employees on the same page when it comes to climate change. This course will galvanise workforces in the collective effort to reduce emissions

Participants will learn...
  • The impacts of climate change so far
  • Why we know humans are the cause
  • How bad it could get in the future
  • What we’re doing to tackle the problem at international, national and organisational level
  • The sources of their organisation’s carbon footprint
  • The sources of their own carbon footprint – along with practical steps to take to reduce it

Our workshops can be delivered in 90 minute online sessions.

Engaging the public in climate action

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is aimed at local authorities who have set ambitious net zero targets that require emissions reductions across their whole administrative area. Such targets will necessitate lifestyle changes among the public – often on the emotive issues of diet and travel. Yet, as the controversies over cycle lanes and low traffic neighbourhoods have shown, sudden change can result in acrimony and polarisation. To successfully transition to net zero, policy makers will have to bring people with them. This workshop provides a blueprint for how this can be achieved.

Participants will learn...
  • Why public buy-in is essential in tackling climate change
  • Which demographic engagement should focus on
  • The principles of bottom-up, value-led engagement
  • How to build engagement around co-benefits
  • The role of ‘trusted messengers’

Using nudge approaches to deliver climate goals

Who will benefit from this course?

This workshop will benefit any organisation who wants to be able to deploy all the tools available when trying to reduce their emissions. Behavioural science or nudge theory is increasingly recognised as playing an important role when improving environmental performance – both within organisations and in a public-facing setting.

Participants will learn...
  • About the principles of behavioural science, including the concept of the ‘choice environment’
  • A framework for applying behavioural science to achieve sustainability goals using the EAST model
  • Examples of nudges that have successfully improved sustainability performance in a range of target areas including energy conservation, water conservation diet and travel

All Three Point Five training is an interactive experience. We believe people learn better when they to contribute to, discuss and think-through the issues.

Climate change, culture change and emotional intelligence

Because greenhouse gas emissions are so pervasive – with most day to day to decisions having some kind of carbon consequence – it is necessary to get everyone on board in the fight against climate change. However, achieving this kind of across the board buy-in to climate goals requires an organisation-wide culture change. Delivering this culture change, in turn, requires specific emotional intelligence skills. We can to skill up leaders so they are able to deliver the kind of culture change needed. In particular, we offer training in the following:

Climate change and leadership

What does real leadership in the climate space look like? This workshop will cover the importance of social contribution, collective action, facilitation, courage and diversity when it comes to overseeing the delivery of climate goals.

Communicating and influencing​

Working in partnership with stakeholders is an essential part of tackling climate change. This workshop looks at how best to collaborate. It also covers overcoming ‘psychological distancing’ as well as the importance of being a moderator not a manager.