Carbon Literacy

Our in-depth Carbon Literacy courses, accredited by
The Carbon Literacy Project,
have been delivered to
hundreds of employees.

Carbon Literacy training for local authorities

Carbon Literacy courses are in-depth courses accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project and consist of a day’s worth learning. After completing the course, which can be split over several days, participants are certified “Carbon Literate”.

We have successfully delivered Carbon Literacy training to officers and councillors on dozens of local authorities in the UK.

We deliver a Carbon Literacy course which has been designed by us specifically for local authorities and accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project.

  • To download a prospectus outlining the contents of the course click here.
Why Carbon Literacy Training?

Carbon Literacy training enables officers and councillors to make informed decisions that will reduce emissions across the local authority area. It also helps councils realise the other benefits of tackling climate change including reduce energy bills and enhanced biodiversity.

Perhaps most importantly, Carbon Literacy training gets everyone at a local authority on the same page when it comes to climate change. After the course, participants will appreciate the gravity of the situation and what needs to be done to hit ambitious climate goals.

To receive a Carbon Literacy certificate participants must complete an evidence form in which they pledge to undertake an individual and group action to reduce their carbon footprint. Upon successful assessment, a learner is awarded a uniquely numbered certificate.

Participants will learn
  • How our climate is changing, what’s causing it and how bad it’s expected to get in the future
  • What we need to do according to the science to tackle climate change
  • How local authorities fit into the problem – including the emissions they have influence over and what they can do to reduce them
  • The carbon footprint of an average UK household and the key ways individuals can reduce their emissions
  • The co-benefits of tackling climate change
  • How to talk to others about climate change

Some of the organisations we've provided Carbon Literacy training to

Wolverhampton Council
Elmbridge Borough Council
East Dunbartonshire Council

Carbon Literacy for other sectors

We have developed a Carbon Literacy course for the financial services sector. More details about this course will be available on the website soon. If you would like more discuss this course in the meantime, please get in touch.

We are able to develop Carbon Literacy courses other sectors. If you would like help developing a Carbon Literacy course for your sector, please get in touch to discuss.

Testimonials for our Carbon Literacy training

The training was fantastic. It was well structured and had a good balance between presentation and interactive activities. It was very comprehensive and covered everything important. Very well delivered, knowledgeable and engaging trainers. Absolutely brilliant visuals. I cannot think how it could be improved.

– Terezie Wickenden, programme officer, climate action, The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames

You and Rachel covered a lot of material over the two sessions on, but it was all relevant to Carbon Literacy and very clearly expressed. The different types of activity – presentations, multiple choice questions, surveys via the chat box, and group discussions – were motivating and helped the group to bond. You were always willing to answer questions but kept to the course schedule.  All in all, you did an excellent job of designing and presenting the course, and I am very happy to have been one of the trainees for this extremely important Carbon Literacy course. It was interesting, informative and comprehensive, and I recommend it keenly.

– Councillor Jennifer Bonsell, Aberdeen City Council

The folks at Three Point Five not only provide highly accurate and informative content, but content that I could go away and apply in my policy, change and engagement role right away. And, they do it through a great balance of being very well versed in science, policy and action while also being engaging, interactive and dare I say it, fun. Can recommend 😊

– Sinclair Laing, Policy & Strategy Manager at Aberdeen City Council and Founder of Aberdeen Community Energy

I attended the Carbon Literacy Training and it was amazing – out of 10, it’s a 10. It was a great insight into why climate change is needed and delivered by professional, friendly and knowledgeable trainers. It certainly has made me act on small changes personally and professionally to support the net zero emissions by 2050.

– Karen Alcock, organisational development officer, Bolton Council

The training was excellent, with a good balance of information and interactive content and excellent presentation. The key points were presented in an accessible way, high quality visual information on the slides and adequate time was given to absorb the points being made and slides were kept on screen for long enough to read/re-read. The interactive aspects were very positive (especially as the training was undertaken remotely) as a means of increasing engagement, reinforcing messages and meeting with other participants.

– Niall Urquhart, Team leader, sustainability policy, East Dunbartonshire Council

Many, many thanks again to you and Rachel for a great training course. You shared potentially complex information in a very accessible manner and covered an awful lot of ground. Really enjoyed it and have taken a lot out of the course.

– Bethan Richardson, climate change programme manager, Gwynedd Council

Thanks so much for the training last week – it was great! The blend of statistics and real-world examples were presented in a way which was accessible for people with different levels of knowledge and understanding. Both course instructors were incredibly approachable and made the sessions fun and educational.

– Chris Williams, Senior communication and engagement officer, The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames