Why climate change training?

Organisations are on the front line against climate change. Delivering the change needed though, requires the buy-in of every employee in every company. That, in turn, requires training.

The challenge

Climate change is here

The impacts of climate change are increasingly being felt around the world. We are experiencing more intense and frequent droughts, wildfires, hurricanes and heatwaves. At the same time polar ice is melting faster than anticipated, accelerating sea level rise and threatening coastal populations.

We must adapt to these impacts while at the same time reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases to lessen the severity of future climate change.

The evidence of climate change is clear… There is not only an urgent need to act, but also a powerful business and investing case to do so.

– David Solomon, Chairman & CEO, Goldman Sachs

According to the World Economic Forum, the top risk facing global business over the next ten years is extreme weather fuelled by climate change.

Organisations must step-up

Organisations are on the frontline in this battle. They will need to move to protect their physical assets, supply chains and investments. They will also, ultimately, have to achieve net zero emissions across all of their operations. Already, early-adopter firms have won praise and publicity by setting ambitious net zero targets. Delivering this kind of change requires the buy-in of all employees along with a suite of emotional intelligence skills. These things, in turn, require training.

The Three Point Five approach

We need everyone

Traditionally, climate change and sustainability issues are addressed within silos in an organisation. Estate and facilities employees and CSR teams may be the only people who engage with these topics. However, we believe that the scale of the challenge posed by climate change and other forms of environmental degradation requires a different approach. To meaningfully address these problems, every employee needs to understand them, and every employee needs to believe in the need to make changes.

Read more about why all employees must be enlisted in the fight against climate change in our blog.


To meaningfully address climate change, every employee needs to understand it, and every employee needs to believe in the need to make changes.

We need human-skills

We also know that knowledge of the subject is not enough. Delivering environmental performance improvements within an organisation requires a recognition of the role of purpose in businesses, as well as human-skills, including leadership, team-building and influencing.

Our aim, therefore, is to provide...


An easy to understand guide to climate change and wider sustainability issues


The emotional intelligence skills to deliver genuine change in an organisation