Our courses

We provide tailored training in climate change science and policy, as well as the human-skills needed to deliver change. Here are examples of the content we cover…

Carbon literacy training for local authorities

Who will benefit from this course?

This course provides local authority officers, leaders and elected members with training accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project.

After completing a day’s worth of training, which can be split over several days, participants are certified “carbon literate”. This involves completing an action plan that commits participants to individual and group action to reduce their carbon footprint. Upon successful assessment, a learner is awarded a uniquely numbered certificate. Participants will receive training tailored to whether they are a local authority officer, a leader/manager or an elected member.

Carbon literacy training enables and motivates employees to make informed decisions to cut carbon, energy and waste in your local authority. Encouraging climate conscious behaviours has also been shown to reduce energy bills and transport costs, improve morale and productivity and enhance and organisation’s image and credibility.

Participants will learn...
  • The difference between direct local authority emissions and emissions under local authority influence – and how they can address both
  • The scale of the challenge, what they need to do, and which actions will have the greatest impact in helping your local authority reach net zero
  • How to make to make informed everyday low carbon choices
  • How to talk to others about climate change

Three Point Five are an approved provider of accredited carbon literacy training

Workshops on climate change fundamentals

Who will benefit from this course?

Our 90-minute workshop “Climate change – what everyone needs to know” can be rolled out to all employees across an organisation. It has already been delivered to hundreds of staff across different sectors. This interactive online session quickly brings participants up to speed on the climate crisis by answering the fundamental questions: What is climate change? What’s causing it? How bad could it get? What can we do about it?

Participants will learn...
  • The impacts of climate change so far
  • Why we know humans are the cause
  • How bad it could get in the future
  • What we’re doing to tackle the problem at international, national and organisational level
  • The sources of the participants’ employer’s carbon footprint
  • The sources of participants own carbon footprint – and what they can do to reduce it

Praise for our 90-minute climate change workshop

“Excellent presenter – I hardly ever say that! – but she, Rachel, was really, really good so clear, friendly, authoritative, engaging and I was overjoyed the training covered food and agriculture, this was money well spent on our part as I think it was just what was needed to inform and galvanise staff and councillors in a positive way”
“I just wanted to say how great that climate change training was, Rachel was very engaging. I like how it was localised to SWT, a balanced level of detail – enough to get the message across, good pace and interactive. The content was also delivered very neutrally so great for people who are a bit sceptical! I’ve heard really positive feedback from others too.”

Workshops in driving behaviour change

Who will benefit from these course?

Ambitious net zero targets have been set by private and public sector organisations. But to achieve them, leaders will have to bring employees and the public with them. Our workshops provide blueprints for successfully doing this.

Using nudge approaches

We deliver regular webinars on how to use behavioural science or nudge approaches to drive sustainability improvements in an organisation.

Participants will learn:

  • About the principles of behavioural science, including the concept of the ‘choice environment’
  • A framework for applying behavioural science to achieve sustainability goals using the EAST model
  • A process for designing nudges to implement in their own setting

Praise for our nudge theory training

“Three Point Five training sessions on nudge theory continue to prove popular with Supply Chain Sustainability School audiences, with our most recent session rated as Good or Excellent by 100% of attendees.  Rick has been declared “very clear” and “very knowledgeable” by attendees, and his sessions have been called “engaging” and “well-paced”.  The School enjoys working with Three Point Five and would recommend Rick as a trainer.”

“Thought the presenter was great and explained in detail and the presentation was interesting.”

“Very informative and the presenter was very knowledgeable on the subject, its application and limitations.”

“Rick was great and explained his examples really clearly.”

“Rick is a very good presenter and the slides were very good.”

Engaging hard to reach
audiences in climate action

We provide training in how to engage hard to reach demographics in climate action.

Participants will learn:

  • Why buy-in is essential in tackling climate change
  • The principles of value-led, bottom-up engagement
  • How to build engagement around co-benefits
  • The role of trusted-messengers

In-depth sector-specific training

We provide in-depth training in the sustainability challenges faced by particular sectors or industries.

This may involve a deeper dive into the issues around decarbonising specific sectors, such as agriculture, buildings or transport. For each sector, a breakdown of the current science and policy is provided, and the implications of this for individual organisations outlined.

We can also give training that cuts across different sustainability issues. For example, the air quality, climate change and economic problems posed by road transport.