Climate change fundamentals

Our two-hour workshop on the fundamentals of climate change can be rolled out to all employees across an organisation. The course is accredited by The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office and attendees receive a certificate confirming they’ve undertaken two hours of CPD.

We call this engaging, interactive, session is called Climate change – what everyone needs to know. It can be delivered online or in-person and quickly brings participants up to speed on the climate crisis by answering the fundamental questions: What is climate change? What’s causing it? How bad could it get? What can we do about it?

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climate change course

Testimonials for our Climate Fundamentals course

Excellent presenter – I hardly ever say that! – but she, Rachel, was really, really good, so clear, friendly, authoritative, engaging and I was overjoyed the training covered food and agriculture, this was money well spent on our part as I think it was just what was needed to inform and galvanise staff and councillors in a positive way.

– Councillor Caroline Ellis, Somerset West and Taunton Council

I just wanted to thank you and Rachel for a brilliant training session yesterday afternoon. Rachel was so engaging and easy to listen to, very well executed. It opened up my eyes to the issues which you think as a single person you really make a difference but in fact you can.

– Esther Carter, housing development officer, Sedgemoor District Council

It was great. Three Point Five incorporated small touches that made it relevant to our council, got them to use our town names, talk about our projects etc. which went down really well and localised the whole thing. They were very receptive to changes. We had some concerns as to how it might work though zoom, but it was very engaging with, polls, interaction, and small breakout tasks, we need not have worried. We have received really positive feedback from members (even the ones that are less supportive / aware), and employees.

– Chris Hall, assistant director of climate change, Somerset West and Taunton Council

I just wanted to say how great that climate change training was, Rachel was very engaging. I like how it was localised to SWT, a balanced level of detail – enough to get the message across, good pace and interactive. The content was also delivered very neutrally so great for people who are a bit sceptical! I’ve heard really positive feedback from others too.”

– Julie-Ann Wyatt, Head of people and culture, Somerset West and Taunton Council

The Climate Change Fundamentals course was a helpful introduction to the science and practicalities of climate change. The trainer was engaging, the presentation was clearly set out and the content was broken down so that it could be easily understood. There were also great interactive elements to the course and time for plenty of group discussion.

– Elmbridge Borough Council