Our purpose

Both public and private sector organisations have set ambitious net zero targets. Reaching them will not be easy however. It will require the buy-in of everyone in those organisations – and that’s where Three Point Five come in.

Our role is to help drive the culture change needed to deliver tough climate goals by educating, informing and empowering people. By doing this we not only help organisations reach their climate objectives, we also help wider society to tackle climate change.

We called ourselves Three Point Five as this is the percentage of the population researchers believe is needed to push through sweeping, positive changes. We see our broader purpose as helping to build this 3.5% of the public who are engaged, informed and prepared to act on climate change – across business, the public and beyond.

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Who we are

The company is made up of a husband and wife, who between them have decades of experience in training and communication along with an academic background in climate change.

Three Point Five Rachel

Rachel Lyons

Rachel is an expert in leadership, management and personal development who has been working with the executives and employees of blue-chip companies for the last 13 years. Among the firms she’s delivered training to are the Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange, HSBC, Barclays, RBS, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Schroders, Deutsche Bank and CitiGroup. Alongside subject matter expertise, Rachel brings a confident, enthusiastic and energetic training style. She has studied theatre at degree level and regularly performs comedy in front of a live audience. Using warmth and an ability to command the room, she ensures learners finish their training stimulated and impatient to put into practice what they have learnt. Before becoming a coach, Rachel worked in human capital management at Goldman Sachs. This experience at a world-leading investment bank means she understands financial services from the inside and can design training which is relatable and relevant.

Rick Lyons

Rick has a background in climate science and journalism and is passionate about driving change by making climate change easily understood. His research has been published in the journal of Atmospheric Pollution Research, been cited by policy makers and featured in newspaper and BBC TV reports. His study on the effects of nitrogen dioxide pollution served as a catalyst for Brighton to work towards a car free city centre. Thanks to an MSc (distinction) in Carbon Management from Edinburgh University he has a grounding in all aspects of climate science and policy – and is always looking for ways to break this information down for a general audience. He regularly writes about climate change for national newspapers and magazines, including The Times, The Sunday Express, Vice magazine and the Daily Star, where his fortnightly column brings environmental issues to a tabloid readership. It is this combination of down to earth communication and academic knowledge that means he can provide both accurate and easy to grasp training.

Three Point Five Rick